Reverse Video Player without conversion

Reverse Video Player

iClooPlayer is the reverse video player without file conversion procedure.

Main feartures are like these.

• Playback every frame forward and backward direction

• Playback frame by frame forward and backward direction

• Speed control forward and backward direction with speed(x¼ ~ x32)

• Bookmark with still image and move to bookmark

• Still image capture(the original image and size)

• Repeat(Play forward and backward on the period)

• Digital zoom • Support jog&shuttle device

• Draw line etc. and add text on the video and recording to new file

• Color adjustment and improvement

• Add mosaic and blurring effect to the video and recording to new file

Main application areas are like these.

• Sport game analysis

• Golf swing analysis

• Sports action camera video playback

• Dash camera video analysis

• CCTV video analysis

• High speed camera video analysis

• Surgery video analysis

There are several way to make video revese. They always convert orginal video files into reversed file and you play the converted file from the end of the file to the start of the fie. iClooPlayer read the original video file directly and playback at forward and reverse direction. It is very useful to analyze sport game or CCTV video.




User reviews about iClooPlayer

  • CoachMark

    by CoachMark

    "good player for sports analysis"

    Playback works fine. Speed control, forward/reverse play and step forward/back all work great. I coach American Footb...   More.